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Eat enough?

29-03-2021 11:00

Maura Cornetti

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Eat enough?

A new point of view for managing the anxiety and worry of parents at the table.

A new point of view for managing the anxiety and worry of parents at the table.

Did you know that children under 3 approach food as if they had an "internal nutritionist"? In conditions of good psychophysical health, they are naturally predisposed to regulate their intake of food and even nutrients, for the peace of mind of mum and dad. But what interferes in this process?


Babies are born knowing how to regulate their hunger and satiety signals. Breastfeeding is an example of this. Like all mammals, human puppies know how to self-regulate in breastfeeding by deciding how much to eat according to the composition of the milk of that feeding and their hunger, stopping at the appropriate time. But what happens as they grow up?

The conditioning of adults is introduced, which lead children to gradually lose their ability to self-regulate in nutrition. Some examples:

"If you eat everything then you can watch cartoons"
"There is nothing left on the plate ... there are children who have no food in the world"
"One more bite, come on, make an effort"
Watching tablets or TV during the meal

These habits lead children to force satiety points or disconnect from their body signals, paying little attention to the "inner nutritionist" who guides them naturally.

 Mindful eating trainings have precisely this purpose: to reconnect people to their bodies, to their signals of hunger and satiety, recovering that innate ability that has been modified by the surrounding environment.

In case of difficulty in food with children, in situations of over or under weight it is always useful to contact professionals in the sector (pediatrician, nutritionist, psychologist expert in developmental age and family relationships) for a complete assessment of the psychophysical state of health. of child.

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